Review posted on about the book THE CHILDREN OF TIME by Gerlan A. Cidade:

Chaiene Santos is a brilliant writer who can capture reader’s attention from beginning to end! I know him personally and was lucky to read one of the first copies of “The Children of Time” ever, which was one of his debuts in the writing world. I didn’t know what to expect since I had never read anything from him before.

I was spending the weekend in the mountain region of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where he lives, and I guessed I’d give it a shot. So I started reading the book and, to my surprise, I couldn’t stop reading! I’ve read it through, altogether, in a few hours! Amazing story, imaginative, plausible, intelligent, full of research, and quite a thriller with a wonderful human and sensitive side as well! The story is interesting and will appeal to the SciFy lovers in special! But I have to tell you, this book is to everyone who likes a good story! I was never into SciFi, never watched StartTrek, knew nothing about it, but I did love the book!

I’m especially interested though in the UFO phenomena and this book brings a lot of what we already know into light, in terms of genetic manipulation, superluminal trips and a myriad of other interesting technologies and theories. Above all, the way the author stitched the story with good writing skills, technical expertise, drama and feeling makes it a great experience!

I rate it 5+! Good reading, enjoyable and wonderful story! Can’t wait to read the other books in the trilogy!

The Children of Time (new)

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